Business Robots

Visitor Management

Visitor management system is one of the most important aspects of modern security. According to McKinsey, these are the key obstacles when organizing visitor management in a company:

Medical Checkup & Clinic Administration

Promobot can measure lung capacity, blood sugar and oxygen saturation levels, as well as other health measurements. It can operate in crowded places and provide quick tests that inform the user about their health status in a simple, non-invasive and entertaining form.

Airport Employee

Promobot can be used in all airports with active traffic and become an important element of its infrastructure. The robot helps passengers navigate at the airport, order a taxi, find out the timetable or discover the rules of carrying baggage. Also interacting with a robot can promote services in airport with discount coupons that become available when interacting with a Promobot.

Bank Consultant

Promobot can become an irreplaceable assistant in Bank. Promobots will advise clients, tell about the bank’s services, answer questions, help to fill out documents and applications, removing the tasks from the staff. Promobot is able to integrate with any external systems — so its functionality becomes almost unlimited.

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