Promobot - An Airport Employee

Airport Employee

Promobot can be used in all airports with active traffic and become an important element of its infrastructure. The robot helps passengers navigate at the airport, order a taxi, find out the timetable or discover the rules of carrying baggage. Also interacting with a robot can promote services in airport with discount coupons that become available when interacting with a Promobot. Promobot robots can communicate in several languages

  • Recognize and remember a person
  • Speech Recognition
  • Perform voice commands
  • Determine age and gender
  • Keep the conversation going
  • Move according to predetermined trajectory
  • Print photos
  • Provide analytical reports on the visitors
  • Receive payments and print receipts
  • Distribute plastic cards

Basic Functions

  • Scanning of boarding passes and passports
  • Face scanning, comparison with the database of unwanted visitors
  • Integration with departure and arrival schedules
  • Moving and escorting visitors in the airport
  • Communication in different languages
  • Communication via IP-telephony with a doctor, security guard
  • Navigation through the airport
  • Displaying promotional materials and consulting

Results of robot implementation

  • Improvement of the quality of service
  • Increased percentage of appeals solved through self-service
  • Increase of number of connections and use of the personal offers
  • Improvement of the customers loyalty
  • Savings on staff
  • Increase of references in the media

The reception area

  • Informing passengers about the rules of registration andluggage standards
  • Navigation on the airport territory and building of a route tothe key points
  • Scanning of the ticket and help in choosing the reception

Security check

  • The robot will remind the passengers of the necessaryactions that are made for security checks to speed up
  • If at this stage the security staff notice the threat, they cancheck the fingerprints of the person using the scanner built into robot. The robot can be integrated with the database of criminals, and thanks to the received biometric data, thecriminal can be quickly identified

Departure area

  • Interaction with passengers during the face recognition
  • Distribution of promotional materials
  • Informing about available services in the area
  • Informing about the rules of being in the area
  • Navigation through the territory of the departure area
  • Integration with departures
  • Scanning of the ticket and advising passengers about thedeparture gate, departure time and other
  • Print coupons for services in the area
  • Printing photos

Baggage claim area & Waiting Room

  • Baggage claim area
  • Navigating in the baggage claim area
  • Consultation of the passengers on the issues of luggage collection and actions in emergency situations
  • Integration with the taxi service
  • Integration with timetable transit transportation
  • Informing arrivals of the tourist places of the city: sights, hotels, restaurants
  • Navigation and information about services available at the airport

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