Robot for Medical Checkup & Clinic Administration

Standard Functionality

Promobot can measure lung capacity, blood sugar and oxygen saturation levels, as well as other health measurements. It can operate in crowded places and provide quick tests that inform the user about their health status in a simple, non-invasive and entertaining form.

  • Recognize and remember a person
  • Speech Recognition
  • Perform voice commands
  • Determine age and gender
  • Keep the conversation going
  • Move along a given path
  • Print photos
  • Remember everything that [what it] has been told and provide a detailed analytical report
  • Give health advice

Medical equipment integration

  • Spirodoc: Full Screening handheld spirometer
  • Non-invasive glucometer: Calculation of blood glucose based on the measurement of radiation in the region of the absorption spectrum of glucose in 3 ranges
  • Defibrillator: Ability to provide emergency care
  • Pulseoximeter: Diagnostic tool for measuring arterial capillary blood oxygen saturation
  • Tonometer: Diagnostic tool for measuring arterial blood pressure and pulse

Data Analysis and Risk assessment

  • The robot takes measurements of life support systems
  • Conducts a screening survey, sends data to the cloud
  • From the cloud, the robot receives research result

Diagnostic Results

At a medical examination:

  • The robot prints on paper, demonstrates diagnostic results on the screen.
  • Sends especially important information by voice.
  • Gives recommendations on a healthy lifestyle: nutrition, sports, smoking cessation and so on
  • Warns that any further treatment can only be prescribed by a trained medical professional

Based on the data received:

  • Promobot records diagnostic results in the cloud of the clinic and in the patient’s personal account.
  • Promobot sends the diagnostic results to the doctor’s email. Using an electronic signature, the doctor can provide a medical report that a person is allowed to start working.

Standard Functionality

Promobot can help schedule a doctor’s appointment, Because of third-party software integration options, robot can check-in visitors without the help of an employee

  • Recognize and remember a person
  • Speech Recognition
  • Perform voice commands
  • Determine age and gender
  • Keep the conversation going
  • Move according to predetermined trajectory
  • Print photos
  • Provide analytical reports on the visitors
  • Receive payments and print receipts
  • Distribute plastic cards

Basic functions

  • Interaction after face recognition
  • Moving around the clinic
  • Integration with external systems
  • Navigation for visitors inside the clinic
  • Informing visitors about the services of the organization
  • Showing promotional materials and consulting

Primary Functions

  • TNavigation for visitors of the clinic ("Where is the medical Department?", "Where is the restroom?»)
  • Demonstration of multimedia materials in standby mode
  • Greeting customers that the robot has previously met
  • Consultation of clinic clients on company services, answering frequently asked questions
  • Greeting new visitors, speaking promotional phrases
  • Showing a patient the way to a desired office

Client consultation process

  • Informing patients about current promotions
  • Giving loyalty cards to customers
  • Custom user interface design according to the corporate style
  • Printing a prescription with a list of recommendations to the patient from the doctor, reminders, or any other reference information

The process of making an appointment and paying for services

  • Search of patient records by name or client card number
  • Patient appointment, access to the doctor's schedule
  • Ability to leave feedback after visiting a specialist
  • Creating a patient chart with AutoFill data in documents
  • Advance payment for clinic services

Results of robot

  • Improvement of service quality
  • Increased profit
  • Improvement of financial performance
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Savings on staff
  • ncreased media reference


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