Waterjet Cutting

3 Axis CNC Waterjet - MJT-W3-3020

3 Axis CNC Waterjet can cut all kinds of materials existing in the nature up to 200 mm thickness with power generated by mixing pressurized water and abrasive sand. All materials cutting can be made with the same nozzle. Not only for thick but also for thin materials, it can realize 90 degrees corner, narrow angular and small radius precise cuttings.

5 Axis Waterjet - MJT-W5-3020

Designed for the most accurate Bevel cutting by Mavijet,5 Axis cutting head is making our customers cutting jobs in most easy and efficient way from 10 degrees up to optionally 45 degrees.

3D-5 Axis CNC Waterjet - MJT-W53D-3020

3D 5 Axis CNC Waterjet is designed by our engineers to make highly precise 0-120 degrees angular cuttings.Thanks to rigid structure, not being affected by deflector force of high pressure coil, can realize 3D cuttings in 0.02 mm accuracy.5 axis head can rotate +/- 360 degrees.

6 Axis Waterjet - MJT-WD6-3D-4020

Pipes and profiles can be cut in higher precision compared to laser technology. With Stainless Steel Divisor, designed by our engineers and integrated into system,brings optimum cutting solutions for profiles and pipes. 7 each servomotors working simultaneously realize smooth and rapid axial movements. Post Processes and all the software are written by Mavijet.

Double Headed CNC Waterjet - MJT-W3-H2-4020

This very special waterjet machine is donated with simultaneously working double heads and drilling system for cutting multi type materials as well as drilling holes.

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